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Intelligent and highly-customizable injection molding production.

Accelerate your injection molding process with CycleTemp’s accurate contour-tracing mold temperature control unit.
That is why we offer you a temperature control unit that is optimally tailored to these needs. It is characterized primarily by the following advantages:

  • extremely fast heating and cooling cycles
  • Optimal control via extensive time and temperature monitoring
  • Compatible with a range of controls
  • Reliable componentry
  • Dual-operation via touch and remote control
  • Integrating trend reporting
  • Multilingual display (desired control language free of charge)

Technical specifications:

  • Output range: from 30 – 100 kW heating output
  • Cooling capacity: direct cooling
  • Temperature range either up to 180 ° C or 200 ° C with water
  • Pump output: up to a maximum of 100 l / min

Available in 50/60 Hz to 480V.

These technical specifications allow – for example – a selected weight of 200 kg to be changed by more than 50 Kelvin on the cavity in 50 seconds: heating and cooling included.

A variety of tools can be operated variothermically, lending themselves to a range of outputs depending on tool sizes, desired temperature switch and the desired cycle time.

Typical Applications:

  • High-gloss or matte-textured interior vehicle panels produced in 30 to 60 seconds (free of shrink marks or welding lines, laminated or not).
  • All exterior vehicle add-ons.
  • Electrical panels and cladding.
  • White-good covers and veneers.
  • Optical elements for light control.
  • Medical articles with the finest surface structures
  • Increasingly also to shorten cycle times through targeted cooling of hotspots

CycleTemp units can also create a number of diverse applications outside of injection molding. Our technology is used wherever the fastest possible temperature changes are necessary, within the range of 20 – 200 ° C.

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