Establish an intelligent and highly customizable injection molding process.

Injection molding is a cyclical production process. We are convinced that the temperature control of the production tools has to adapt to this cyclical process. This is the only way to achieve optimal quality with minimal production costs. That is why we offer you a temperature control unit that is optimally tailored to these needs.

CycleTemp GmbH is not a classic manufacturer of temperature control devices. That is why our systems are only designed for variothermal energy, without having to consider the overarching requirements in the classic isothermal area. We are convinced that this is the key to the quick, easy and reliable use of variothermal technology.

With our proximity to CONTURA MTC, we also have the entire system in view. The earlier we are involved in a project, the sooner we can help the customer to avoid errors in the design or in the production network.

In addition, we offer distributors, hose systems and accessories specially tailored to Variothermie. Here, too, we benefit from our experience!

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